TurboTax 2020.48

Manage financial information and organize tax payments
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Do your taxes in an automated way. Add or remove data for a reporting period and automatically calculate the payment of federal, income or special taxes, maximize deductions according to the input data, incorporate possible IRS extensions, copy the returns data, etc.

When looking for a fast solution for federal or state tax evaluation, TurboTax is an effective tool for your financial calculations, that delivers the tax results in minutes.
It comes as a web application which can be opened and used directly in your favorite browser, and the registration for the free use requires only an email address and a phone number. Once the account is registered, the friendly interface guides you through the simple steps to calculate the taxes.

The menu is really explicit and offers options for federal or state taxes calculation. It also includes a personal information tab and a wrap-up tab, both with a nice output through the Print &file option.

It includes many handy features and options, such as: Wages & Income, Deductions & Credits, Other Tax Situations, Federal Review and Error Check. These options are used to gather information on the income, to offer details on available deductions and credit records, and finally, to check the numbers and the calculations for errors, so that the report is accurate.

The available options for the state taxes are: Prepare State, Your State Returns and State Review, helping you link financial information to your state return, aiming to maximize your state refund.

Basically, at the end of the guided experience of calculating taxes, a detailed tax report can be printed or saved, explaining current situation and available refund or audit options.

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